Good day, I have any open legal case against Michael Blair. As Mr. Blair took my car for repairs for a timing chain, guides, oil pump, oil switch, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, & bolts missing on my valve cover. In which he said since i had missing bolts he will replace, but during further investigation he took bolts from my rear valve cover where it was not visible & placed it on the missing one that was visible. As well as i went in for low oil pressure due to my oil light on so when he returned the car & light was off I assumed he did the job. Wrong, he tampered with my oil light & proof is when you turn the ignition key all dash light should light up, my oil light is the only light that doesn’t light up which means he rigged it. Also i asked for original parts receipts for I can feel secure that repairs were made & he printed me up a fake powered by ford receipt in which was proven when i called powered by ford to find out they make no parts for my Mazda 6. I spent $1,330 on this guy to get none of the said work done. He claims he has videos, which i seen but it doesn’t prove anything is new because its just a video with my valve cover off. Ofcourse you want to attempt to prove what wasn’t done. Anybody can take off a valve cover and speak on a video saying ” I changed your timing chain ” Also he texted me saying hes ready to go back to prison so lets play, ” not sure what that meant. Most of our talk was in text so its all proof. Last but not least he was on the news for doing the same to Glenda Griffin, he stated that he sued action 9 news because he was proved innocent of accusations in which i find false when I caed Action 9. Just beware don’t lose money to this fraud. He also has another address which is his girlfriends Mary Runion BEWARE Below are links to proof hes a fraud. Thanks

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