Michael James Scott: Boston/SanDestin, Florida


Florida, Liar Cheater Man, Florida, Michael James Scott: Boston/SanDestin

I’m posting this for the simple fact that this guy played me bad. He made me feel like I was his only one but I’m not. It’s completely upsetting learning all about him today and seeing his records online. I had no idea he had multiple relationships going on all at the same time and for that I feel very bad. I would’ve never been involved with this guy if I knew everything upfront first. I don’t want another woman to fall for his lies and manipulations like I did. He has a pattern of doing this and I want nothing to do with him. Learn a lesson from me, you don’t want to enjoy the world with a monster. Do background checks before you invest in a man. Save yourself the heartache. If he has multiple names, it’s a sign he’s trouble. Looking forward to the day he’s completely extracted from my life.

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