Michael William Paul & Sarah Hirsch Review


I made a sale working for MWP in February of 2013 and was never paid for it. Instead I was given the run around in every conceivable way.I did have reservations with doing any work for this organization, because it didnt really seem they had the capacity to deliver on many of the outlandish claims they made regarding the ability to help models get a leg up in the business, but decided to put my reservations aside, lest I lose out on the opportunities eluded to in my dealings with them. | for the one sale I made, I saw no will or care as to whether I would ever receive payment for it. I didn’t see that as a priority at all and no mention or even response was given for it. Something that was agreed upon prior to me performng a service isn’t coming true. | After months of nonpayment, I finally thought that perhaps this agency didnt possess the wherewithall to pay me, so I agreed to have my pictures done as a substitute for the payment which apparently never seemed forthcoming. | Rather than properly address my greivance every effort to skirt the issue and kick the can down the hill was given, culminating in me finally getting annoyed enough to “threaten” this company by exposing to the internet what a bunch of parasitic rip offs they really are. In response, I received a text from Michael instead of apologizing and finally coming clean with the commission i was promised, threatening me with his lawyers and his ‘friends’ in the mayor’s office and homeland security, and finally once again, promising a commission, which miraculously dwindled to less than half of what it was supposed to be. promises of payment start becoming as hollow as the nonexistant payment which ensues. | I can only guess its more more valuable for MWP to withhold my commission from my one lone sale and profiting from that, for earnings that based on our agreement have been earned but never paid, rather than actually paying me the commission promised as not only good business, but an act of good faith. | I dont know why it would even be a debate. When I make a promise regarding remitting payment for goods or services, I stick with it. That way people know that i can be trusted, and i have a clear conscious and stellar reputation. | Maybe young, naive models and interns that michael and sarah are well versed in bullying and manipulating can be dissuaded by hollow threats of homeland security or the mayors office ( i believe he is the one in trouble for implying that such an agency would have any interest in any of this), but I will do anything in my power to not allow an unsuspecting model or professional from having anything to do with this ‘company’.


  • Name: Michael William Paul & Sarah Hirsch
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 320 W 37th St
  • Phone: 917-365-5622
  • Website:

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