Michal Ann Goll Atlanta Georgia


Complaint: Michal Ann Goll who is known as the co-founder of Encounters Networks and whose residence has been in Franklin, Tennessee is to be considered a racist female minister. The reason for such a legitimate designation concerning her has to do with the fact that she refused to allow any of her family members (namely the junior members of her family) from being in a relationship with those whose race or racial bakground was non-Caucasian. What a despicable act by this Caucasian woman. It is for this reason that this complaint is written to highlight this atrocity concerning Michal Ann Goll. It is a real shame and a real disgrace that such has to occur concerning this female minister but some need to realize that no kind of racism must be tolerated regardless as to who it comes from. This includes Michal Ann Goll and this is the reason for this grievance/complaint that has been written about Michal Ann Goll which is now recorded here for all to most certainly see and to indeed take note of concerning her and her ways.

Tags: Religion

Address: Franklin, Tennessee USA



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