Michelle Devito Millville, New Jersey New Jersey


All wives and girlfriends of men who work in the Southern New Jersey prison system please BEWARE !!!! This homewrecking whore preys on married men!! †She has been transferred around the system because of the marriages she has broken up! †And alleged inappropriate contact with inmates!!!! She is just like a cell door everyone gets to slam it! †She breaks up marriages and hides behind her job and the police instead of facing it! She ruins families and don’t even care, Iím pretty sure she gets off on it! She has probably moved on to her next married man and I wish I knew so I could give his wife a heads up!!! She looks like dried up leather and from what I have been told has a body that would make you sick…If you see her around your man take him and run. || She slept with my husband for 2 years and justified it to herself, she was a cheap lay he never bought her anything, screwed her in the back seat of a truck and gave her a 1/2 hour screw once a week and she was happy with this…pathetic, she was a definite downgrade, false teeth and a leathery looking body.

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