Michelle Whitmer – She’s obsessed with my husband Virginia


This woman entered my marriage December 2017. My husband and I were going through a rough patch in early December, she was a lifelong friend, ex girlfriend when they dated for two weeks back in 1989 until he started dating me, anyways he started talking to her about our marriage, and how he was leaving me. Well she jumped right in, mind you shes been married for 28 yrs in January is when he told her that, she started complaining about her very abusive junkie husband whom only brought home $800 a mnth. My husband started looking in Lurray Va for a place to rent on January 5th, she asked him if she could move in with him, he said sure lol well she waa ready to leave her marriage of 28yrs only aft÷r started talking to my husband of 3 wks . January 16th my grandson was born, we started working that night on our marriage. She started telling him how gorgeous he was and shortly after that she was confessing her love for him and how hes always been her soul mate and the love of her life. My husband slowly stopped texting her back he knew she would gladly tell me they had been talking if he just stopped talking to her. In my high school yrs she hated me, always threatened to kick my a55 so he knew i wouldn’t be happy they were talking. None the less my 18yr old daughter found her text message to my husband saying she was thinking about him, and she was lonely. Well after talking about everything that night i text her husband and she called me threatening me!! She has had her friend texting me since July of 18, having her sister write shit on my fb wall, after my husband blocked everything on her she tried calling him from her friends phone, he hung up right on her, she was still trying to get a hold of him. IShe has had her sister friending my husband’s family, my husband had to call them and ask everyone to depete and block her. Her sister has made 6 Facebook accounts to try and harass me. In January of 19 she got a burner phone and texted my husband is few times but he came to me w each one in March of 19 he unblocked her phone number and called her and said for the last time i want nothing to do with you or your so called friends texting me or my wife. In April once again her sister made another account and wrote hateful sh1t on my Facebook page wtf?? My husband had to text her again she said she was going to continue to stalk me?? Beware ladies, she and her sister Cheryl Samples are weirdos and stalkers.

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