Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing of NJ Inc Bloomfield New Jersey


Complaint: Mid-Atlantic did a shoddy waterproofing job in my basement – they sent 1 guy with a jackhammer who didnt speak English on Day 1, and a crew on Day 2. After the work was complete, I called management to come out and inspect – they agreed the work was shoddy (including a boot print in the concrete they poured!), they ripped it up and redid it. On this second go round one of their contractos (subs – all their guys are subs from random companies) punctured my near empty oil tank and did not tell us. WE ordered oil a few weeks later and ended up with 100 gallons on our basement floor. When I notified Mid Atlantic about the incident they eventually sent a crew out to rip out the waterproofing again to get rid of the oil-soiled material. Even the sub they sent who barely knew English knew it was illegal to transport contaminated material without a proper permit and they refused to do the work. Mid Atlantic was forced to do the right thing by getting an environmental company to transport the soiled material but now they are refusing to take any further responsibility for their actions (see you in court mid-Atlantic). – Also, since this disaster I realized job #1 and job #2 were done without permits – they are required as licensed contractors to file for permits BEFORE doing any work.

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Address: 4001D Hadley Road S. Plainfield, New Jersey United States of America

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Phone: 908-226-3600

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