Mid-City Auto Salvage Chagrin Falls Ohio


Complaint: It began in December of 2004 when I paid for a motor to be shipped to a body shop and installed on my car. Well, after billing my credit card for $2000 immediately it took them over a month to get the motor shipped. Advertised as 21,000 miles, but it looked as if it had more miles. I had the motor profesionally installed by a repair shop and everything replaced, like brand new, inspected by Honda, the works. The motor breaks 5 months later. The engine is protected under a 6 month warranty. So far they have taken over a month just to even consider shipping out a new motor which they have yet to even give me a date on. Shaun, Shawn, who ever, will not return or even answer phone calls at any time of the day. Now I am out approximately $1000 in labor, $500 in shipping (INITIALLY). To have the warranty installed (assuming I even get the replacement, EVER, will cost another $1500. Grand total of over $3000 invested because of a bad motor (not including the price of the engine), my car has sat for a total of 3-4 months without operation, and to top it off they wont event return my phone calls or offer ANY level of customer service. I must note that Shaun did return ONE of my phone calls, when I insisted that he be personally handed a message to call me the second he entered the office. That was it. The have hung up on me, put me on hold, forwared me to voice mails that no one checks or responds to recorded messages. I hope other people see the many claims filed against this company on this site…I wish I had seen it. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. Summary of “Bad Business”” methods: 1) Don’t return phone calls 2) Dodge phone calls 3) Do not follow through with product 4) Collect money for item without shipping it our 5) Provided bad product

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: not as advertised

Website: Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.

Phone: eventually broke 6) Delayed replacement of warranty parts 7) Severe lack of customer service and conflict resolution Speaking with lawyer for potential legal action. Evan Chagrin Falls

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