Midas of West Seattle Seattle WA


Complaint: In January 1998 I had all four brakes refurbished at Midas of West Seattle. A week after I got my car back I discovered that they hadn’t finished working on the car and both rear brakes were NON-FUNCTIONAL. Yes, they were not hooked up. I noticed this only because I got a flat tire. When the wheel came off I could see a pair of clamps dangling from the brake line. Sure enough, same thing on the other side. I’ll spare you the details of my horror and attempts to get the franchise in question to do something about it. Suffice to say that I got no sympathy and was even treated with disdain. The franchise owner even made sure to ask for his clamps back. At the time the franchise was owned by a company named Kwest, Inc. They also owned a number of other franchises in the Seattle area. I don’t know if they are still under the same management. Everybody involved should be thankful every day that nobody got hurt.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: Seattle, Washington U.S.A.



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