Mike Hansen Corwin Toyota, Nebraska, Liar Scum Bag


So this guy dates a w**** who has lied and lied as he lies and lies. Hum, they both lie. She got fired from there and two other dealerships. He is a cronic alcoholic who get’s caught lying to customers but because he might sell a car they keep him. He has HPV, Herpes, and am told HIV. Do not shake his hand for health purposes. Don’t not buy a car from Mike Hansen Village Poin Toyota fired them both for cheating customers. He takes down payment cash then loses it. What does it say about Corwin Toyota for hiring trailer trash like that to begin with. STAY AWAY…he is a crook!!!! Here is his diseased s*** Terri Duffack who was fired from there. Google her it makes for some great reading. Do not waist your time at that dealership!!!

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