Mike Ryan M & M Construction Review


On 12/12/17 we saw an ad on Craigslist for season snow removal and spoke with “Mark” Ryan. He quoted a price of $700 We told him that we needed to discuss things between ourselves. We agreed and signed a contract that said that we were paying for service on two properties: one property would have the sidewalk and stairs shoveled, the other property would have the driveway and walkway shoveled with snow brushed off the car. Both properties would have rock-salt applied. “Mark” wanted cash, but agreed to the check: $350 down and the remainder in February, 2018. The check was made out to owner, “Mike Ryan”. | On 12/13/17 around noon, I telephoned “Mark” because his crew hadn’t arrived. He assured me that they were “on the way”. The crew arrived five hours after my telephone call and did a fair job, but didn’t use any rock-salt. | On 12/15/17 I went to the other property and noticed that the sidewalk and stairs had not been shoveled. | Called “Mark” but he wasn’t in. Left a brief message for him to return my call. He never did. | On 12/22/17 we had another snowfall. I sent “Mark” a text at 10:30 am. Two hours later, I sent another text and he responded that his crew was entering my neighborhood. Two hours later, I sent another text; he responded with emojis. When I was finally able to speak with “Mark” directly, shouted and spoke over me. When I told him that the business relationship wasn’t working out and that I wanted a refund he said that he would “personally come over and shovel” my two properties immediately. Four hours after later, he sent a text saying that he had “just dropped off” his daughter and was going to get his supplies and would be at my house in a few minutes. He never showed up. | I did some internet research. His profile on Facebook is “Mike Ryan” not “Mark” like he told me. The M & M Construction Company is really called M & M & Sons Construction….and their telephone number has been disconnected. | I sent another text asking for a partial refund, he replied that he would bring a cancellation contract and partial refund “on Monday”. Monday is Christmas, but even if it wasn’t a holiday, I doubt that he’ll show up. He hasn’t put in an appearance since he picked up that $350 check. When I mentioned that I was going to keave a review of his service, he had the NERVE to tell me not to! |


  • Name: Mike Ryan M & M Construction
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: East Syracuse
  • Address: 108 Dausman Street
  • Phone: 315-992-2325
  • Website:

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