Mile High Outdoor Review


Mile High Outdoor Advertising has several billboard locations in Denver. The Absentee Owner, Gregory C. Riggle, is a racist and Bigot, referring to Black people as “n*” and “p*”. Gregory C Riggle, owner of Mile High Outdoor Advertising makes Donald Sterling, look like Martin Luther King! It would be interesting for somebody to investigate how many Blacks work at Mile High Outdoor. Gregory C. Riggle is a corrupt racist and bigot as well, who takes pride in screwing people, especially, sales people he can bully and exploit, who can’t afford to take him to Court. As he says, “the trick is to screw them without them knowing it”. Gregory once told his best friend and business partner, William Levine…”I refuse to work for a Mexican”…RIggle was referring to Arte Moreno……more on that later. As well as owning Mile High Outdoor Advertising, with William Levine, Gregory C. RIggle owned and operated a payphone company, Pacific Communications, Inc. a payphone company, which according their website operates payphone locations in many States. Mr. Riggle encouraged his sales folks to find sites for his payphones, preferably, in areas where the poorest and most disadvantaged people lived. Mr. Riggle knew these folks couldn’t afford cell or house phones, so he placed payphones in these blighted areas, where payphones were the only option. Riggle took great pride in taking advantage of folks who could least afford it, as the phones in these areas were the most profitable. Later, after he ran that company into the ditch, he formed another company, Arizona Dial Tone, Inc. where he, again, preyed upon unsophisticated folks, mainly, minorities, reselling them pay as you go phone service at exorbitant rates, because these folks, did not have the credit or wherewithal to obtain normal service. The way in which Gregory C. Riggle came to own Mile High Outdoor is another story. One that will be addressed before long.

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