Mile High Van Lines


DO NOT HIRE MILE HIGH VAN LINES. Run as fast as you can away from this company.

Also, this is NOT a local Colorado company. They’re allegedly based in FL, so their name is just a ruse.

Justin Pogue was our rep and was super friendly and easy to communicate with while he was trying to get our business. Since we’ve had complaints, he’s suddenly not as accessible, certainly not empathetic.

The move-OUT was fine. No major complaints there, aside from them wildly underestimating how much space we’d need and instead of sending a second truck after the first was full, they spent about 3 hours returning the truck to their warehouse, unpacking it, and then returning with the same truck for the second load. It was strange and certainly made a long moving day even longer. (Even one of the crewman commented on how little sense it made).

The move-IN was awful. It began a day before they were set to arrive, I started receiving texts reminding us we would need to pay the second half of the total once the movers arrived or they would refuse delivery. (Also worth noting: they ONLY accept cash or money orders-crazy inconvenient). Then suddenly I was getting texts saying we would actually owe MORE than the original total we were given. When I asked why, he simply told me to call a 1-800 number, so I did.

The man I spoke to admitted that he had no idea why were being charged more than the original total: “All I can figure is it’s for extra packing material, sorry I don’t have any more info than that.” We we were essentially put into a position of having to fork over more money than originally agreed upon because these guys were holding our things hostage until we paid them.

Regarding the actual move-in, so much went wrong but I’ll highlight the most egregious:

Soon after the move began, we had 6 random dudes show up here asking about a Craigslist post. It’s fine if they’re subcontractors, but these guys looked and acted like they literally just walked in off the street. No masks, no gloves. One of them was here for all of 10 minutes, unboxing and checking out all our stuff before he got in his truck and took off. Another guy cut himself and sprayed blood all over the walls of our hallway. They had no first aid kits or supplies so we had to dig through our boxes to find something for him. The “driver” and apparent foreman of this job pretended to only speak a handful of words of English, including “me just driver.” He definitely didn’t mention that he crashed into one of our trees and knocked an entire limb down.

Nothing was reassembled — we’re missing hardware on our daughter’s bed and missing ALL of it for our kitchen table. When the foreman was asked why nothing was put together, in his broken English he answered with “Not our job!”

Only 2 guys actually asked where anything went — there’s random/wrong boxes in every room, all very clearly labeled.

They left one of our large televisions just laying on our disassembled sectional couch, and another screen down on a wood and metal coffee table.

Our antique radio console is laying on its side with a leg torn off and another hanging by a thread.

A corner was totally broken off of a solid wood bookcase.

Our antique chair is missing casters from the 2 back legs.

Laser printer was in pieces and now not functional.

Boxes clearly labeled “fragile” were clearly thrown around; everything was wrapped in bubble wrap and delicate collectors items still arrived broken.

3 or 4 boxes full expensive books and photo albums were absolutely drenched — so sopping wet they fell apart as one of the guys tried to bring it inside, all of the books in them destroyed, as if the boxes were just left in the rain for a few hours at some point during the move.

One of our desks was completely broken in half — the only connecting support piece from one side of the L to the other was ripped off and snapped in the middle. Now unusable.

The crew dropped trash EVERYWHERE, and when we asked about it, the driver/foreman laughs and said “you buy packing, you get trash.” (This guy laughed at absolutely everything, even when we were very obviously unamused; it made for some incredibly awkward and maddening encounters).

Every single other moving company we’ve hired in the past has not only been courteous enough to take boxes to the right rooms and re-assemble furniture, but clean up after themselves and take their trash with them when they left. We inevitably spent more than a month of weeknights and weekends reassembling our furniture, and actually moving boxes of our stuff to the right rooms before we could even begin to unpack.

This was basically a half dozen parolees and drunks dump our damaged stuff and take off with 4k+ of our money, without even attempting to finish the job and worse, displayed absolutely zero empathy regarding all that went wrong.

For a $9k job, their idea of making it right is offering us $300 and a signed statement saying we can’t hold them any further liable. Just to be clear, that’s about 3% of nine grand. (Oh, and if we want that $300 we have to supply receipts or proof of purchase of all of our damaged items, as if that’s a reasonable request). We responded saying that wasn’t acceptable and now they’re ignoring us.

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