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Back in December 2011 I gave Milestones $180 which supposedly included a credit check to be done also. I came back to the office 5 days later to cancel after I spoke to the owner’s real agent who told me that I was being scammed. Milestones told me to fill out a paper which i had to wait 90 days for my contract to expire and I should recieve my full amount back due to the fact that I really didnt use their service. Now that my 90 days is up I have to fill out another form which was some kind of refund request form. Some lady name Veronica told me I have to wait another 7-10 business days to receive my refund in the mail. This Veronica lady has a bad unproffesional attitude everytime I talk to her regarding my refund. Everytime I called I am always giving the run arounds and the wrong information. Now that it is March 2012,I will wait 7-10 days to see what other excuse there going to give me this time. I also noticed that when I checked my credit report there was no credit check done through Milestone back in December 2011 because everytime someone runs a credit check on you it suppose to show up on your credit report. They are the only company that didnt show up on my credit report. They’re not actually running credit checks on people, there telling us we have to pay a certain amount of money for them to do a credit check to see if we was approve; this is just a way to get your money because they never done credit checks. I called my credit report and they also stated that there was no such credit check done by this company on the day I applied with Milestones. We are just being ripped off and everyone should check there credit report to also see if Milestones actually done a credit check on them. I will wait 7-10 days to see if they are going to mail my check and do a follow. I had a bad feeling about Milestones and next time I will follow my first mind.

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