Milford Spice Company Falls Church Virginia Review


In October 2011, I used a Groupon coupon to buy spices from The Milford Spice Company. The deal was $15 for $30 credit toward a purchase. I order product off their website and never did receive the purchase. I did receive an e-mail in Nov 2011 explaining the unexpected volume that they were having trouble filling the orders in a timely manner. This was okay so long as they did so within short order. nAs of January 2012, I still had not received my purchase and have e-mailed Laura at the store requested a refund. The message was read January 26, the day I sent it, but no response was received nor refund issued. Now February and I have involved Groupon. I have sent another e-mail to Laura which she read but has not responded to date. nGiven her interested in resolving these issues, you would think she wouldn’t wait until after it has hit the fan to reach out. Recommend just sticking to buying spices from your local grocery store.

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