Millenium Travel And Promotions Charleston South Carolina Review


I’ll make this brief and to the point. nMy wife and I received an invitation to listen to a time share presentation and tour a property in exchange for receiving two complimentary airline tickets to anywhere in the continental United States. nWe completed the tour and presentation, and filled out all of the gazillion pages of paperwork to be eligible for the promotion. About three months later, we finally received the form to fill out, from the forms we filled out, from the other forms we filled out, to sign up and get our tickets. The free tickets were ours once we PAID OUR ALMOST $200 “PROCESSING FEE.”” WHAT? nNonetheless

I paid the fee and followed the instructions for the tickets

which are to be issued at their discretion on only “”AVAILABLE”” dates. I submitted 4 different dates – two months later I received a form saying that none of the dates were available and that I would have to choose again. nI submitted 4 more dates – two months later I received another form saying that none of those dates were available either. nI submitted 4 more days – then I receive a letter stating that none of those dates are available and my certificate has expired

have a nice day. nI’m out the money

the tickets

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