Millennium Jewelers Columbus Ohio Review


In December of 2003, my boyfriend (now my husband) purchased a ring from Millennium Jewelers at Easton. He wanted it in all white gold, so they said it had to be ordered. We recieved the ring about a week later. As the wedding approached, we took the ring to another jeweler (in March 2004) to have a custom band made. When the wax from the cast was cleaned off, the ring was bright yellow gold! It had been plated in rhodium to make it white! I took it back to Millennium, who tired to say they got it that way, but they would correct it. nI got a call a couple days later from the store owner, and he stated the designer “no longer did white gold”” but that they were going to replace it in platinum for me at no additional cost to make up for this. I agreed and they said the replacement would be in soon. nThe replacement did not come in for nearly two months (on May 20


and when it did

it was the wrong style and the wrong metal! When I pointed this out

the owner told me I should just take that one since it was more expensive than the one I wanted. But

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