MIRAVIE Laytonville California Review


www. naturalskinformula.com Used to go by AuraVie, now it’s MiraVie… This is an ad for miracle cream that the stars use to tighten and firm skin. It is a low cost buy in, but somewhere in the small print is buried that this is a subscriptions service. The original order was for $15.00, the subscription was for $150 per month. I called my bank, who called the service. Because i checked ‘agree with terms’ (I did not see this box) They would not refund all of my money. The credit card company says this is a common scam, but because the ‘agree with terms of service’ box was checked that this is how they get away with it. The websites change montly, the website i used will not load now. Keep your eyes open for this rip-off.

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