Misleading and unprofessional! I would highly not recommend!


Well, if you think this small town business is a great service provider and very professional, you surely have not read the contract or used a calculator. Also maybe you had someone else answer your call.
I had an issue with my previous irrigation system. I called Mid-Atlantic Water Services up to enquire about their solution for my irrigation system to my lawn. The representative from Mid-Atlantic Water Services who answered my call was pissed off soon. I won’t mention the name because it may have been only my experience and that person is a real nice person. The call lasted nearly half an hour, but the representative of Mid-Atlantic Water Services had had it with my questions and the answers got shorter and were in a very uninterested tone. I did not appreciate it as these were my doubts and should have been cleared by the service provider. I took the hint though and just asked for someone to come over and have a look at the lawn and the plumbing system in place. The system they suggested sounded really good and the sales representative was more patient and answered all the questions well. But then came the shocker. Their rent a system contract was a big howler. I went through the contract properly and found it okay at first. I had to pay rent for the system until the total amount of the system was paid off.. It is basically an EMI system. But if you read the contract thoroughly, you would not miss the back page fine print. It was not very noticeable, but I caught it. The interest being charged was nearly 40%. Printing this in fine and on the back page was misleading, so I decided not to go ahead with them. I suggest everyone the same.

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