Miss Faith Spiritual Reader Review


Miss Faith is supposedly a spiritual reader but she’s not she’s a fake. The summer of 2015 my life went to hell so like an idiot I went looking for a psychic and unfortunately I crossed path with lier. She told me that I had been cursed and the only way to take this cursed off is to do a cleanse. She told me it will cost almost $10,000 but at that time I just had $6,500 so I hand it in to her. She promised me that she would give me back the half of the money bc she saw me that I was a nice person. I have that in video where she says that she will give me the half but she doesn’t know I was recording her after couple of months asking for that money. Every time I asked her when she’s going to end this because I need my money she always says she’s closing this magical thing or else we both get curse, that’s some bullshit because she wasn’t doing anything. Is March already and it’s been 8 months and she still refusing to give me the half she promise me. | She have a small shop in Queens Blvd with purple neon lights reading “Tarot Cards”, becareful people she will steal your money with lies!. I hope I could do something to recover at least my half of the money that I handed it in to that lying witch.


  • Name: Miss Faith Spiritual Reader
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Queens
  • Address: 39-40 Queens Blvd
  • Phone: (917) 440-5141
  • Website:

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