Mission Ballroom Denver


Complaint: Mission Ballroom Venue !BUYER BEWARE! My best friend and I attend a between 20 and 30 concerts a year. So, we were very interested in the new Mission Ballroom in RINO. A favorite artist of ours, Brandi Carlile, was coming to the venue this fall. We followed the instructions and requested Reserve seating. I donu2019t object to the way attendees are selected. It actually SEEMS fair. But, the reality is quite different. Because of our ages; I am 72, My friend is 69 and has heart issues. Standing and being jostled around DOES NOT work for us. My friend put in a request and we waited to see if we were selected. At first, we were happy to be selected, but instead of the tickets we requested, we were sold and charged for General Admission tickets. My friend called to return the tickets and was told all sales are final. Apparently even if the fault lies with the vendor, not us. They will not help. Absolutely terrible Customer Service. I am writing to alert anyone and everyone that if they request reserved seating, be prepared to be ripped off and treated shabbily. Maybe, they took advantage of us because of our age, or they just donu2019t have their act together. We will not be attending events at this venue until they become more customer friendly and get their act together.

Tags: Cultural Centers

Address: 4242 Wynkoop St. Denver, Colorado United States



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