Misty Lee Trite (Baker) Hagerstown, Maryland Maryland


My husband and I have been married 12 years. We have had our ups and downs like most marriages. For the past few years we were very happy at least I thought so until the day he just walked out. I had no clue as to why or what was going on. I suspected it was another woman even though he said it wasn’t.Well I am relentless and I started investigating. He was adding all kinds of women on his Facebook page most had someone or something in common like the same friends or the same school ect. Except this one person. Hello bells went off. I kept telling I knew he had another woman and I knew her name and other info. Of course he denied it. I didn’t say her name at first but did say something about her and her daughter and giving the daughters age. Boom her Facebook disappeared. It just went from there.Finally in August he started going out in public with her. Claiming to be just friends even though I knew better. He came clean about them in December but saying they had only been in a relationship for a few weeks and never admitting to the date they meet. I know when she showed up on Facebook and I know when her divorce was final both in June. He calls her ex husband a piece of garbage because he cheated on her!  Well what does that make him and what kind of woman turns around and does the same thing to another women that was done to her? It makes it worse that I am in bad health. || She has no morals she parks her car in the driveway of the home we shared like its nothing that she is there all night like she is proud of her behavior. She is the slut girlfriend and adulterers whore and has no conscience to do what she has done to me.Took my husband, my friends and my home. I am not jealous of her as a women she does not hold a candle to me in any department other than being younger. She may be happy now but it wont last one day he will want to be with a real women but so sad to bad, and I hope she gets what is coming to her…trust me she will!!

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