M&N Music Productions Jerry Gilpin Vernon Indiana Review


M&N Music that is run by Jerry Gilpin in Versailles, Indiana scams people in several different ways. First, he claims he is a music management business who handles big time music clients. He hires musicians to play in bands for him, but does not pay what he told them he would pay. He skims profits off of the top. nSecond, he tells people he can hire big time bands, which he sometimes does have, but there have been times where people have paid several thosand dollars for a band, and Jerry doesn’t do anything to ensure that the financial backers make their money back. He claims he is a promoter, but does nothing to promote the event. nThird- Sometimes Jerry and M&N Music will replace members of a musical group with no notice to the person that hired the group. There have been times where Jerry has replaced a lead singer with someone else even though the singer is the top name in the group. He has also replaced drummers at the last minute with someone who cannot play at all, which makes for a horrible evening of entertainment. nTednCincinnati, OhioU.S.A.

US 421 Versailles, Indiana U.S.A.

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