Mobe Fontana California


Complaint: I foolishly fell for an online scam that promises to teach you how to make money on the internet. I signed up for a 21 step program that stated I could be refunded my money anytime if I were unhappy . They charged me 97$ and took it from my account . I sent an email to the coach that got ahold of my order . Stating that I had been had. The money was redeposited. Then I decided to give it a fair shot . The money was again taken out . By the second step I completely figured out what this company was doing and how the people were Getting rich . I opted out with a statement of why. Was told to contact support yet never received any responses. A week later the entire records for these transactions were wiped off my banking statements as if it never happened and so were the 97$

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Address: MOBE Ltd., B1-28-8, Soho Suites at KLCC, No. 20 Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur 50450 Utah United States

Website: http://[email protected]

Phone: 1(801)896-1076

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