Mobile One Docs Review


Lisa Swansen is Lisa Ball owner of Mobile One Docs in Scottsdale AZ or whatever is left of it. Lisa Swansen and Mobile One Docs ripped me off. You can change your name to Lisa Swansen but you and Mobil One Docs can’t hide. Lisa Swansen (Ball) was a friend, a fellow nurse who took me under her wing and hired me to help her with her failed medical practice. Lisa Swansen had me and a girl named Niki help her steal her ex-husbands patients and start a new company: MobileOneDocs. Mobile One Docs is also a scam. Lisa Swansen is paired up with Mark Weis, ex-MD. Mark Weis is a felon who has lost his license in three states. Mark Weis MD lol, is unemployed and constantly starting STEM Cell schemes to try and make a living. Hey Mark Weis, STEM Cell procedures are NOT FDA approved meaning insurance will not cover!!! Dork. But as I understand he lives off of Lisa Swansen. Lisa Swansen is a mom who abandoned her teen children for Mark Weis. A failed father too. After I helped Lisa Swansen steal her husband’s patients Lisa Swansen owed back pay. I had to sue her and she lost. Lisa Swansen now owes me over $40,000. | Lisa Swansen. Mark Weis and Mobile One Docs do not pay their employees or creditors. | Lisa Swansen was a good person, a good nurse and a good mom; but after she met Mark Weis and started to include Mark Weis in her business and family everything went to hell. Mark Weis, a trained psychologist. He brainwashed Lisa Swansen while she was at her lowest point during her divorce and was actually treating her while sleeping with her. I was there, I saw and heard it all. This was going on so the business and ethics sunk. Mark Weis is a complete nut who everyone, including Lisa Swansen’s children hate Mark Weis, (like his own entire family). When wondering why he is so defective he claims he had brain cancer. The manipulative snake oil doc that he is, is lying. He NEVER had brain cancer. | Lisa Swansen is being investigated and will most likely be convicted of giving narcotics, alcohol, and marijuana to her minor children, call Encinitas CA sheriff’s office and Pinetop AZ police department. | Mark Weis has over 10 failed businesses screwing everyone he does business with. After failing at medicine and screwing me out of my salary, Mark Weis tried being an author. If you want to read something really funny, read one of Mark Weis’s books, (if you can get through one). He’s a pseudo intellectual who reinforces his ignorance by using a thesaurus to impress readers with out of context big words instead of using basic author’s English, (so you will overlook his awful writing). | Lisa Swansen has been to the board for patient abandonment. Department of Child Services took her children away, she can only see them for two hours per week, (SUPERVISED). Call Maricopa County DCS. Lisa Swansen has filed bankruptcy twice and has never resolved these cases: | MyMDNow bills | Hybritech Medical Group bills | And now she’s screwing over all of her Mobile One Doc creditors. | SC151543 BALL, LISA KNOX SERVICES Kearny Mesa Civil 04/21/2004 | S695260 BALL, LISA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA REGENTS Kearny Mesa Civil 03/24/1999 | S695258 BALL, LISA CHALLENOR FINANCIAL, INC Kearny Mesa Civil 03/24/1999 | N50664 BALL, LISA CLARY, THERESA MARIE North County Civil 03/15/1991 | IN012560 BALL, LISA CITIBANK SOUTH DAKOTA, N A North County Civil 05/08/2001 | Lisa Swansen and Mark Weis are starting a new company creating STEM Cell Labs. They can barely tie their own shoes. Lisa Swansen would be better off utilizing Mark Weis’s drug selling experience (see his felons) and start a meth lab. Neither have ever run a successful company and I understand Lisa Swansen and Mark Weis are being sued by their previous investors. | I’ve tried to contact Lisa Swansen concerning what she owes me and I get nothing but messages. | If Lisa Swansen or Mark Weis ask you for money, RUN!!! | If Lisa Swansen or Mark Weis ask you to work for them, get paid up-front.


  • Name: Mobile One Docs
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Scottsdale
  • Address: 10115 E Bell Rd Ste 107-234
  • Phone: (888) 709-8721
  • Website:

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