During the first week of December 2014 I received a promotional email from a marketing site I am a member regarding a training course and software promoted by Jordon Schultz, utilizing Instagram as a marketing vehicle. On Dec. 03 I purchased a software and training for Mobi-Social Blueprint Black Magic. The initial fee was $1497 with a recurring monthly payment of $397 as long as I want to participate. During the promotional webinar Jordon Schultz personally offered guarantee that he and his support stuff will assist me during implementation of the software and application of his methodology to ensure I would at least break even if I applied the methods taught. With such guarantees, I signed up and followed the training videos and instructions to setup an account and to utilize the Black Magic Software. However I quickly discovered that the provided business model to acquire followers by automatic commenting is not permitted by Instagram. The software itself malfunctioned and doesn’t deliver any value. In addition, Jordon Schultz totally disregarded his obligation for any support. My support messages and cancellation notices are left without any response. I got a brief email from Steven Dorman, Jordon Schultz’s support manager, only to acknowledge message received, but never to address my request. I followed up with further message to the support desk and personal emails to both Jordon Schultz and Steven Dorman, requesting a refund and to close my account, because I do not wish to continue monthly subscriptions. All such requests have been ignored. There is no option on their site to unsubscribe and stop payments. To ensure they do not continue to bill me I had to instruct my bank to block this company from any other charges and contacted a lawyer. Please be aware of this scam and never purchase any services from Jordon Schultz alias Jordon Wallace and Steven Dorman.

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