Modern Automotive LLC Spartanburg SC


Complaint: I went to Modern Automotive LLC to get a vehicle to drive back and forth to work. They were only able to get me into a 2005 Mustang Convertible through Buy Here Pay Here program. At the time of test drive everything seemed good with the vehicle except the motor for the convertible top, the trunk latch was sticking, a ticking in the motor and a major ant infestation problem. My salesman Dave and the Finance Manager (also the business owner) Paul (Justin) Gibson stated that those are all issue that their mechanic can resolve after the purchase of the vehicle was completed. So, we sat down signed the paperwork and for $500 down with full coverage insurance requiring $500 deductibles, the vehicle was mine. After driving the vehicle for a few hours, the radio died and the odometer jumped 200 miles in just 14 miles of driving. We scheduled a date for the mechanic to look at the vehicle however, the dealership wouldn’t tell me the mechanic’s name, location or certifications and wouldn’t allow me to drive to his shop. They said I would have to bring the vehicle to the dealership and someone from the dealership would drive the vehicle to and back again from the mechanic. At that point, I started to become suspicious and skipped out on the appointment. I took the vehicle to Fiat and had it appraised to try and get into something more reliable and they stated the car was only worth at most $1,200. Well, I knew at the time of signing I was shown a document from NADA that had the vehicle appraised at $5,100. I went to NADA and researched myself. The NADA has guidelines to show which category a vehicle will appraise for. Modern Automotive had the vehicle listed under “clean retail”” which was far from the truth. The vehicle having all the mechanical issues

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Address: non-working stereo

Website: the center console was split in two and all the writing was rubbed off the vehicle controls as well as the steering wheel deteriorating

Phone: cosmetic problems such as torn seats

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