Modis Review


I recently had an interview scheduled that I had to cancel due to the weather. There was a pretty bad snow storm, and the roads near my house were impassable. | I called up about two hours before the interview and explained the situation to the secretary and apologized profusely. She seemed sympathetic and said she would pass on the message. | Not even 5 minutes later I got a call from someone named Susan who was screaming so loud my child could hear it from across the room. “It is perfectly fine, there’s barely any snow, I made it in, you’re being rude and inconsiderate”. Considering nearly every area school was delayed or closed that day, I dobut there was “barely any snow”. | I told her my roads were unsafe, and I didn’t feel comfortable driving in it. Like a switch she calmed down and said she was just upset and thanked me for letting them know. I apologized again and immediately she went back to yelling “I dont need your apology, stop wasting my time” and slammed down the phone. | All of this sudden she yelled “What?”. I heard some guy in the background asking if everything was alright, and she said “Some a*****e is canceling his interview because of a little snow, that entitled p***k”. | Are you kidding me? | I hung up, called back, and asked for a manager. They directed me back to her. Forget that. | Fortunately I’ve since gotten a job. I will never look at Modis again.


  • Name: Modis
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Address: 10151 Deerwood Park Boulevard Building 200, Suite 400
  • Phone: 904-360-2300
  • Website:

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