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In September of 2013 I purchased an investment property from Monaco Realty Manuel Badiola. When shopping for the property I specifically stated that I wanted property that did not have an HOA. I found the property through my realtor and it was listed by Monaco Realty. Mr. Badiola and Monaco Realty did not disclose to me that there was an HOA Fee, nor was it disclosed in the closing Documentation. As it turns out Monaco Realty was the owner of the property. When I was made aware that the property did have an HOA and fees were due I tried for several months to resolve the situation with Mr. Badiola. Mr. Badiola made absolutely no attempt to address my concerns and behaved in a manner that was in no way professional, ethical or respectful. I found myself in a situation in which I could continue to be victimized or I could fight back and take this to court. I filed a suit against Monaco Realty adn Mr. Badiola. On August 19th, 2014 I faced Mr. Badiola and Monaco Realty in court Case smc: FS1403722. The judge heard our case and did find that Mr. Badiola did knowingly fail to disclose the information to me and awarded me $3,125.00. Since the award was made I have made several attempts to receive monies owed by Mr. Badiola who to date as made no attempt to pay the monies he owes. I am in the midst of filing a complaint against Monaco Realty with the CA BRE, but feel a need to warn other potential victims of Monaco Realty’s actions!! If you choose to deal with a Realtor, I suggest you avoid Monaco Realty and Mr. Badiola at all costs. Not only did he act unethically with the initial transaction, Mr. Badiola actually ignores a lawful judgement against him. Avoid Monaco Realty at all costs as they have proven to not only ignore the basics of customer service but actually ignore all basic, inherent morality!!! .

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