Monetary Allotment Group Review


This is a sweepstakes scam that targeted my 80 year old parents. They received several mailings telling them they were entered, then that they were in a select group, then they were in the finals, and finally a letter telling them they were the winners of a $2Mil sweepstakes. The correspondenance went so far as to name the local TV stations and a local florist that would be contacted, along with a date for their “prize delivery”. All they had to do was sent $20 to cover some documentation fee, or other such garbage. This is a very area specific US Mail scam, using local references to fool the victim into believing it is real. It is my intent to start hunting them and show up on their door step. If they sent just 100,000 mailings and only half sent them the $20…that’s $1Million dollars they have stolen using the United States Postal Service. .

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