Money Mart Review


This just happened to my mom, they took $1032 from her due to fraud on their Pre-paid VISA. Even the amounts that have not processed yet they may not stop and give back to her. The funds were wired to Africa from Western Union. They say it was done on a secure computer and they had her PIN number so they will not give her money back. I think Money Mart is giving out our PIN numbers because my mom never used her PIN. It was also done in a city she does not live in. From reading online, others have the same issue. If Money Mart is not doing this themselves, one of their employees is giving out our PINs to someone who is transferring money to Africa. A police report as been filed but I am trying to contact others (google is handy at finding people). I think we need to gather all the reports and come back against Money Mart for mishandling the money. Post people that use the pre-paid do not have a lot of money to begin with so they are basically taking advantage of the poor.

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