Monica Law – Fletcher, Oklahoma Oklahoma


Meet Monica Law. 33 years old. From Fletcher, Oklahoma. She is a whore! She has had an affair with two married men that I know of for sure. She has a thing for men with rings on. She is a bartender in Elgin Oklahoma and preys on men with rings. She first had an affair with a friends husband. Now she is sleeping with my husband. I have been with my husband for eight years, married for 5. I heard about the cheating and left his sorry ass… She has no respect for families or herself. Just because she couldn’t make her relationships work, she sfrews up other people’s. She has slept with half of the men in Elgin, Oklahoma. Beware ladies, she is a snake in the grass. || I hope her daughters don’t learn from her nasty ways. Oh and by the way, you can have him honey! Don’t want him after he through away our marriage vowels for a real winner like you! ?

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