Monogram Hub, Inc. Review


I ordered a necklace with groupon voucher to purchase a necklace with monogramhub. They took my voucher and on invoice said it was credited99.00 and I would only be charged for shipping of 7.99. I got my card statement and monogramhub charged me twice for 107.99. They credited one back but I still am being charged for the full price of necklace! They will not contact me.. I have contacted Groupon so hopefully they can fix the problem.. the necklace is cheap.. my daughter got me one and it was left at airport so I wanted to replace it but not for 107.98… I agreed to pay 7.99 shipping ! I paid Groupon 5.00. They are a big rip off! If Groupon does not help me fix it they are a rip off too!


  • Name: Monogram Hub, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Great Neck
  • Address: 13 Crampton Avenue
  • Phone: (866) 788-4469
  • Website:

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