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Complaint: I was verbally abused by one of montlick and associates attorney. I was only trying to ask if I could still sue St.Francis hospital when I was assaulted by one of their nurses on 11/30/2010. All the attorney did was ye’ll at me saying I knew I knew several times that I was injured and I only had two years, well I told the jerk of a attorney I did contact several attorneys including Montlick who refused to take it. So again what am I do here, all he had to do was go back and look where I called but he wanted to abuse me cause he thinks I’m just a stupid woman. I did hire Morgan and Morgan in late 2011, but they held onto the case with only 6 months left until the statue of limitations ran out 11/30/2012 the reason why Morgan and Morgan withdrew from my case was because the police didn’t arrest her. Well why in the hell would they take the case in the first place if that was the cause. Morgan and Morgan should had filed a complain in the court that way the statue of limitations would never expire but they wouldn’t even do that. Morgan and Morgan also said if they couldn’t reach a settlement they would file legal action against St.Francis. These are crimes being committed against the victims and being victimized even more. I recently had test done and it shows that I have arthritis in my hip where the nurse slammed into me. I can’t even sleep in my bed because I am in so much pain, I have to sleep on the couch. But all I asked the attorney if I could sue even though the statue of limitations had run out with the assault. All I wanted to know was if I can sue for the extreme pain that I’m in with the arthritis he didn’t have to be so rude and hostial toward me. The lawyer could have gone back and see that I called before trying to get a lawyer to sue St.Francis hospital that I was trying to sue them. St.Francis did approve me for physical therapy I only went a few times but they stopped the treatment, making my health problems worse and the pain in my hip area worse. Adding more to the assault is the St.Francis lawyers ignored request from my lawyer to settle well morgan and morgan didn’t file a complain in the court, so the statue of limitations wouldn’t expire.

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