Morgan Peters – Pensacola, Florida Florida


Ok so me and my husband of three years now were Engage for about a year when I found out about all of this happening. First things first he was stationed In Jacksonville, NC I went and saw him up there when I could get his parents to drive me up there and I recently noticed he was texting a lot while I was up there so I didn’t think anything about it and one day at dinner we were sitting next to each other and I saw her name on his phone. I immediately got upset and quiet and didn’t talk to whole time at dinner. We got back to the hotel we were staying at and I cussed him up and down and said why the fuck are you two talking his response was oh hunny we are just friends.. I said mhm ok you need to end this shit now because I know exactly whats going to happen next he denied all that and said no its not like that I said ok we’ll see.. Needless to say though I was 17 years old and currently living with his parents until he came back for us to get married after my 18th birthday.. but anyways.. this stupid bitch was texting him and saying oh how she missed him … and them being together.. and oh how she didn’t think we should be together.. yadayada yada!?? just the usual small talk shit I found through his phone AFTER HE CAME DOWN to get married to ME. || Then on a WEDNESDAY he bothered to ask me if he could go”STAY” the night at his friends house.. I said no I don’t think so he got mad and went outside to do his chain on his bike. I went through his phone and found all the texts they have been exchanging back and forth”I love you, I can’t wait to see you when I come down” and her responses were”you should come stay the night and we can have sex ” That REALLY hit a fucking nerve when I read all those texts I walked outside looked at his mom because I told her what was going on. So I threw his cellphone at his bike and I screamed outloud so the WHOLE entire neighborhood could hear me. I said I love you, I can’t wait to come down. you should spend the night so we can have sex. he looked at me and his eyes got wide! I ran down those stairs and I started wailing on him and we went down to the ground his mom tried to separate us but she wasn’t strong enough and we just started going at it like a cats and dogs. I was so fucking mad that I told him he was a piece of shit and that if he wanted that nasty ass chlamydia bitch he could have her. He said no I’m sorry I was wrong.. I haven’t texted her since! I promise.. but come to find out while I was in school he spent the whole day with her he took her to lunch they went to the mall he followed her back to his house and she pursued her ways to try and have sex with him but he supposedly”DENIED” her and stated that he”loved” me and shouldn’t have even bothered to be there. needless to say to this day I’m still mad about it and he knows it. I should have beaten her ass that day I saw her at the glowrage.. but in all honesty she isn’t worth the time.. but instead I waited and decided you know what she tried to ruin my marriage. not once but twice. the second time she tried to hook him up with one of her friends.. but that friend realized that wasn’t the right thing to do and immediately dropped her as a friend and now she has become one of my best friends which I find HILARIOUS actually. But I figured I’d let this website know and maybe her boyfriend will see this and find out how much of a disgusting cunt she is that she would try to ruin something she was absolutely jealous of because my husband left her at prom because she was texting some guy while she was at prom with him.. IF YOU SEE THIS SWEETHEART I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW NO HARD FEELINGS because you my dear are A HOMEWRECKER (;

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