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Complaint: Purchased Bad Boy Formula in June 2016 under the belief that I would be able to cancel at any time and they offered a one-year guarantee. Tried to cancel a few months later, but the charges just kept coming each month. Their help desk for anything technical and financial is GROSSLY outdated by six years. SIX YEARS!!! Their help desk has not been updated and/or functional since June 11, 2011!! Tried to resolve it through my bank and they were able to credit the charges back to my card for a short time, but it didn’t take long before this company started charging my card again. I tried to contact the owner directly and with the number provided earlier, I kept getting hung up on!!!! I’ve been trying to pay off the credit card that I used to make the purchase and this recurring charge keeps putting me behind! Do not purchase from this company unless you want to get stuck with an infinite charge and no progress made on paying off your credit card.

Tags: Online Business

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 877-986-2669

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