Morris & Sons Towing / South Bay Review


STAY AWAY and DO NOT HIRE these people. I called them at night when my car was broken in the 101 freeway. The dispatcher told me they will be there within 15 min but I ended up waiting 1 hour in the middle of the night around 10PM, When I called twice the dispatecher he lied and he told they missed my location and when the driver arrived he told me different story that they have only 2 drivers and they were busy. These guys are not honest, I should cancelled and called different company when I found the dispatcher is lying to keep me waiting and not use another company. | The problem is these guys are thieves, jerks and use unethical business practice. When they towed my car they told the charge will be around $200 but after the service they added around another $250 for extra services which I knew about it only at payment, they never mentioned to me or told me about before. when i refused to pay they took my car and held it hostage at their permisses. I had to call my friend to pick me up at night to go to their location and then talk to someone (manager) can help me out, but I found a guy at their location in the parking lot, I can tell was under influence and he was busy moving the cars around using unappropriate forklift and lift truck to elvate the car from the bottom, he is not using a regular towing truck, he is using this forklift that usually used for export container, I can see how badly the chassis and expension of the cars and tires were damaged by sliding the cars then dumping them in the floor from one location to another one using this lift truck. I could not believe how he was treating the cars using that forklift. | We had to wait 35 mintutes until he came to us and talk to us, he was lost even to say a sentence. He said we have to come back tomorrow and speak with manager. They made my 2 days horrible, the manager is even another jerk and he turned to be one of the owners, he added another $200 to the bill and said a $100 storage fee and $100 gate fee because it was towed at night after business hours. | I couldn’t believe what they have done to me, I called them for service then I ended up paying almost $650 most of it are fees I didn’t ask for and it was unethical business practice from these guys. STAY AWAY from this towing service company Morris and Sons Towing, I felt like I was dealing with Morris and sons gangs and not a business.


  • Name: Morris & Sons Towing / South Bay
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Jose
  • Address: 390 E Gish Rd
  • Phone: 408-995-6900
  • Website:

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