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For some reason I could not reply to the last response so I am posting a new review. I will go through and respond to each item in this response, but first just let me tell you that the day after this posting went live, I got a call from another banker in CA that also got scammed by them just this last month. He said they promised him some things and they are pushing it off, he was wondering if he should run for the hills. Yes if you are reading this then you should and here is why. Listen, this is the truth. I am a 31 year old Real Estate Mortgage Broker. I have provide loans for refinance and purchase from start to finish to over 300 clients in the last four years. I have worked with many vendors in the process and loved working with most but you will always find a couple that just donít care that much about being professional and honoring their commitment. So you learn to stay away from them. However Speed to Contact and Mortgage Dashboard are beyond disappointing, they are straight up rip off artist, last year I started my own company called So EZ Mortgage. I needed resign up with my vendors under my own company name. I did months of research before doing this and looked into about 10 different LOS programs and narrowed my search down to calyx Point, Encompass and MD. MD seemed to have the answer to every bankerís dreams. 100% Web based, extremely low cost start up, 0.00 and extremely low cost monthly 43.00 a month in my case. Supports online application taking and has about a hundred other features that we wanted. I signed up with MD, skeptical because they are so much cheaper but seem so much better than the rest. Itís so cheap you might as well try it, the worst case is you lose 43.00. Thatís probably how they sucker in 100% of their clients. Between the flashy website, YouTube videos, blog and low cost, how can you not try them out. Well after I realized I should cancel, I thought to myself, no, you know what, they say they can still honor what they promised all except the loan sifter integration, so I will give them the time they need because I really want what they are selling. I started up a new company, I had to sign up with multiple vendors when I did this and yes, another company did almost the exact same thing to me that this one did. So you will see I complained about Speed to Contact doing almost the same thing but more costly and I could at least reach him on the phone. Good luck calling these guys, just call the customer support line and pretend you are existing client. You will never reach a person. I also had a disappointing purchase with Casting 360 and added another complaint to the 14 they already have. It takes a lot of time to write complaint and prove that you have a valid complaint, so it is easier to file them all at the same time. Especially when you are as busy as I am, running this company and raising 3 kids at the same time. In response to the comment that they are one of the nations leading loan originating systems, they are not even on the list when you go to Freddie mac web site to run LP. Mortgage Dashboard is such a hole in the wall that nobody in the business has heard of them. I only found them because of the free videos that they post on YouTube. Notice they donít actually show their product on YouTube they just talk and trust me that is all they do is talk. No walk. If you sign up at 43.00 and you cancel in the first month because there is no contract and they cant deliver what they offer, its not worth someoneís time to complain. However I am a super hero and I am out to save the world. So it is worth my time. (1) Delivery, thatís funny, I have not canceled my account, I am still in good standing with MD on payments and I am still waiting for delivery of my product. Providing a user name to log into an account that does nothing is not delivering a product, its delivering a username. (2) I still demand a refund for my money because I have not received my product. You have not honored the contract that I signed, so give me my money back. Plain and simple, but if you refunded everyoneís money that canceled you would have no profit. (3) Still waiting for those forms to be implemented into my account, they may have just now did it, but the proof is in the emails. They said they would notify me when they do it, and why donít you go ahead and post a copy of that email for us all to read please? (4) Then why do you advertise that someone can call in for support? (5) The CRM is not fictional, prove it!! Even if it was, it is your worst nightmare, the pages take 5 seconds to go from basic info to loan info, it makes no sense. (6) Actually I have an email stating that it can not be changed, they could never fix this issue. Since you guys make such great movies that talk about how great you are, why donít you make a movie showing how great your product works? (7) I was billed monthly for something I did not receive, thatís what I meant and you kept saying that you would integrate my forms keeping me paying waiting for the service. (8) I said I was under the impression that loan sifter worked because it was on something of theirs that I read. But it did not specify that there was a minimum account requirement. (9) Ok then why donít you make a video showing this how this feature works and see how many people sign up. (10)Good excuse, lol (11)Technically this could be true, they do support 4506T and some of their lenders may use provident, however you cannot create a 4506T in MD that Provident will accept because MD force populates your address in the form as the address for the results to be mailed to. Not acceptable to provident. (12)How do you explain the email from your staff that clearly admits its not working and says they will let me know when it does. Mortgage Dashboard is nothing more than a con to get your money and waste your time. They probably have a system that works for one lender with lots of users and are trying to sub out their software claiming it works for everyone and it clearly does not work AT all for Real Estate Brokers in California.

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