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Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer, Yamaha Motor India Group has planned to lay off about 200 employees across various divisions such as production, procurement, sales and marketing, several industry. Motofumi Shitara who heads Yamaha in India is solely responsible for this failure and disaster which has ended up spoiling the lives of employees serving the company for so many decades. One fine day being asked to leave without any reason, without any compensation specially when the company calls itself a family is very upsetting.

Motofumi Shitara Left Yamaha India Employees Stranded

At a time like this, when people expect big companies to support their employees, Yamaha betrays them. They call them employees a part of their “family” and leave them to starve. The 200 people, whose lives Motofumi is ruining. Where will they go? How will they survive their unforeseen firing? Motofumi Shitara has not only ruined 200 lives, but also the lives of the family members of each one of them. Some have wives, most have children, but does Shitara cares, nope.

Shitara is happy as long as Yamaha fills his pockets. he does not care if his employees struggle to survive this pandemic

Yamaha India Is Laying off 200 People Without ANY Compensation

A company so big in nature with a massive revenue, laying off so many employees without any compensation is ridiculous. Employees having served the company for 20-25 years are asked to leave one fine day. They don’t even get any consideration! It is cold hearted, sadistic and ruthless.

Motofumi Shitara who is the chairman of the company has smartly projected this as a restructuring move. While it is just an excuse during COVID times. My friend’s father has been laid off and I went to his house to meet him the same day. I cannot even begin to describe the state of mind and shock he was in. Yamaha is using cheap and unethical tactics while they continue to call themselves a “family”. The ignorance is unreal but sad.

I urge authorities to take notice and help people whos life they have ruined. Motofumi Shitara is ruthless and a big fraud and should be ashamed of himself. Just because the management failed to foresee correct business measure why should 200 people pay the price for it? We all know how big a company Yamaha is and how they could have saved 200 lives from getting ruined. But they did not, despite people pleading and begging them to. They claim to do this because they aim to increase production, how can production increase if the workforce decreases?

Motofumi Shitara Ignores The Cries Of His Victims

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Motofumi Shitara: Conclusion

I urge all of you, each one of you to share your experience and thoughts below. Leave a comment below If Yamaha India or motofumi shitara has scammed you

They are very smart when it comes to projecting their image and protecting their reputation. It is high time we expose them and bring out the truth. Just because its a big automobile company doesnt mean they have the right to silence or manipulate the truth. WE WANT JUSTICE! We all should Boycott Yamaha and stop buying its bikes. Please help me spread the message about the malicious intent and illicit doings of Motofumi Shitara and Yamaha.

I urge all affected victim to not be silenced. Do not be scared and do not be afraid of this company. You must take legal action and expose them online , offline , media and social media. Dont let it be. Dont let them get away with it. Motofumi Shitara needs to understand the repercussions of his wrong doings. Why is noone in Yamaha doing anything about this? Is this entire company a scam? Or is it just Motofumi Shitara who is the evil in disguise?

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