Motto – we steal your money via lease with ease!


This is a proclamation to every honest businessman out there in the world. Whether you own an enterprise company, a medium company, a small company, or even an ice cream truck – NEVER do anything with TETRA FINANCIAL GROUP! EVER!
There are plenty of other financial solutions, so better STAY AWAY from these bastards for good. Sneaky motherfuckers are even changing company names nowadays.
As I have heard recently, they call themselves Quorus Financial, LLC nowadays! Same bastards are there, people. Don’t fall for it ‘cos you’ll end up broke and stressed!
Of all those many choices, of hundreds and thousands of honest and straightforward companies, I picked these fraudsters! Lucky me. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!
First, I must say that I will chase Tetra and their executive Ryan Secrist until I die. I will never forget how they screwed me and thank God for the media and websites where I can express this anger and above all – the truth!
Tetra (Thieves Extremely Talented in Ripoff Art) is a company which used to be good at the very beginning. This attracted me the most. I saw that they are operative for a decent number of years, and I was in a real need for new equipment in my factory.
I made a terrible mistake and like a domino effect, this caused me a ton of trouble. Everyone in need for equipment leasing, commercial leasing or any type of financing should be aware of the Tetra Fraudsters Group, LLC and all of their deceiving staff!
Memorize these facts! Tetra represents themselves as a direct lender, and they are NOT! They will also tell you that they have multiple ownerships in banks, and it is a big LIE! All of their transfers are externally funded.
You can also forget about any copies of a leasing agreement and most importantly, you can definitely forget about a refund!
Their chicken shit executive is an expert in misleading and deceiving tactics with his specially made up language in our agreement. I was totally unaware of their style of deception. The catch is in the monthly payment obligations. When I signed the contract, I was totally oblivious of these provisions. As most of the busy businessmen and company owners, I didn’t notice this “fine print” in the contract. And the mistake from my side was that I didn’t give the contract to my lawyer before signing. But that doesn’t make them saints, right? They are still scumbags and I am a top notch fool.
Because of these fine prints from their contract, I lost almost 20k! After cognition that something really smells bad, I gave the contract to my lawyer. It took him almost 8 hours to understand this “Tetra special contract language” which they were using to screw people over. 8 fucking hours! Now you understand that these guys are pros and not some pickpockets from under the bridge.
Ryan Secrist took advantage of me not knowing how monthly obligations are being calculated. Add to this factor their special deceiving language and you will get the right impression. The perfect formula for their success. Find a busy or inexperienced sucker like me, and rip him off.
We negotiated the price, agreed on a monthly amount of payments and after all the paperwork was signed, I noticed that the monthly amounts were different from the amounts in the contract!
Don’t end up like me, read the contact thoroughly in the presence of your attorney. Get the residual value, the money factor, taxes, down payment and rebates right.
After you get all of these key factors, use an online lease payment calculator. In this way, you will definitely avoid these jackals because you never know in which skin they are hiding now!
If you google their name, you will find complaint only. I teamed up with others with similar experience with Tetra or whatever their name is now, and hopefully, we will bring this scum to justice.
Also, if you have some spare time, you can find dozens of standing cases against them and this is where I find my positive thinking that in the end, the bad guys are going to be punished for all of their sins!!!
Screw you Tetra group!

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Motto – we steal your money via lease with ease!

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