Mountain Stone Gravel, Inc ORLANDO Florida


Complaint: If you haul freight do not haul for this company. They write bad checks. They do not answer their phones and when they do the same person, Michelle Brown, acts as if she is 10 different people but never Michelle Brown. Sometimes she is Shelly, or Laurie, or someone else just to avoid giving you a straight answer to your question. Of course, this is only after she has received the shipment that you have hauled for them. They have given us 4 bad checks already and then have the nerve to tell us that it is OUR fault that the checks bounce as we are supposed to let them know when we will deposit their check. Beware and do not haul for them. They have done this to many people but it is time that it stops. I only found out that they rip freight deliveres off after I had delivered for them. I wish I had found out sooner. Here is to hoping that they do not do this to anyone else.

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: 4650 US Highway 1 Vero Beach, Florida USA


Phone: 772-569-5788

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