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In February 2012 i bought frozen semen from Am Ch Mt Joy Fortunate One “Fortune´´ a dog from from Patricia Ellis ,Mt joy akitas. Well, while we were dealing the conditions ,according to Patricia Ellis every was fantastic, the semen was perfect, even she had sold frozen semen to one breeder in Findland wich one has a litter of seven pups, she never had a trouble and of course she was very profesional with a lot of knowledge and she never would send me a semen with less than 70% of motility AFTER THAW , or with bad quality . She charged 2500 dollars fro the semen BUT Them the truth was very different as you all could see in the document i have attached at the end. She sended me semen with a very bad quality , the poorest i ever seen in my life, with a thaw recovery of 40% and 58 of abnormal forms , much less than the 70 we had agreed, and much more abnormal forms than the 25% that we had agreed. I only had this information when the semen came to my country and of course i already had payed the 2500 dollars.I tried to do the breeding even against the opinion of the 3 vets from my country ,because i quote “the semen is so bad that the breeding it´s not going to work, it does not matter the method you use, surgery or videoendoscopy´´. obviously the breeding did not work I put in contact with Patricia Ellis and informed her about the situation. Her first reaction was offer to me a puppy from a litter of hers, and i said it could be ok depending on the litter that was, but suddenly he started to put excuses. First starting to explain to me how the reproduction works, and how much she had studied about it, for showing me that the vets and I, all of we were wrong. Second She put in contact with a breeder in Poland who explined to them how bad was the vet that did the Artificial insemination in my country, when i am not even live in Poland, and besides the vet that did the Ai it was not the vet that they thought and the method my vet use was the same method the Vets usually use in USA. here you have the proofs: Pat thanks for your time ,i’m going to write between your lines to avoid misunderstandingsJavier, First let me begin by telling you I am so very sorry your breeding did not take. It would have been a great one! I have done 4 frozen semen breedings myself, 2 took and each produced one puppy. Two did not take. So I have been in your situation and had to ship semen, pay for semen upfront etc. So I do know how you feel. thank you Yes, I have seen Fortune’s semen report. However you are misreading it and I must admit at first so did I which is why I panicked when you wrote me. Unfortunately your vet should have known this information as it is taught in vet school and she should have explained it to you. The 40 % thaw is that of the original count of 1.820 Billion sperm, not of the 42% normal sperm.

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