Movers Las Vegas Review


Rip off company and abusive customer service. Salesman came and quoted me a price of $968. Typical Vegas 1,500 sq ft house, no special furniture at all. Truck came and they left a huge amount of belongings because the salesman estimated too small a truck. They left 2 televisions, six speakers, numerous large vases and floor pieces,art that they had brought their own special boxes for, ladders, skis, etc. when I called Louis the supervisor , he basically said tough crap. If I wanted the rest of my belongings the truck would have to go back and refill and then come back again. They did take less time and charged me $100 less. However, I had to make 10 trips with my car to finish the move and all the physical exertion because of that Well, Louis said, we did charge you less and offer to go back. ALL this is because they estimated the wrong size truck No apology, no concerns- even though it was a flat rate move-too bad. With the right size truck the estimate was right. With the wrong size truck it was a little less money but the movers just left belongings- large items- and shrugged their shoulders. They should have offered to send the truck back and fulfill their responsibility for no extra charge


  • Name: Movers Las Vegas
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 7632 W Post Rd
  • Phone: 1-866-984-5377
  • Website:

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