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Complaint: I paid $10 to Moviepass over a month ago, but they never delivered the card that I ordered. I made multiple attempts to contact their customer service through phone calls, emails, and mobile app, but they are unreachable. Ultimately I resorted to contacting their CEO, Stacy Spikes, on his home phone. Mr Spikes, assured me that my card would be delivered by October 10, but it never was. He also had somebody call me named Mellissa, who said that the cards are printed by a third party company, and they are unable to track delivery or provide any information. They have strung me along for over a month, and I believe this is a scam. In this day and age, it does not take more than a month to print something and deliver it within the United States, no matter how backlogged they are. Additionally, after researching the company online, I learned that Moviepass is facing a lawsuit by AMC Theaters for defrauding their customers. Apparently, Moviepass started as a legitimate company in 2011, selling movie memberships for $50 a month, and AMC became a partner. Not many people signed up for memberships, so Moviepass lost a ton of money. Then suspiciously, a few months ago they lowered the price to $10 a month. AMC immediately ended the partnership, and issued a public announcement warning people about Moviepass. They alledged that Moviepass lowered the price in order to manipulate millions of people to pay the fee, and provide all of their personal credit info, with no intention of delivering anything to the customers. And it looks like the only people who received actual cards are members of the media, and the original customers from years ago. Needless to say, I will be filing a compalint with the FBI, FTC, and the NY Attorney General’s office.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 877-646-2892

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