MP3Waxx Exclusive Artist Promotional Package 8 Email Blasts for eight weeks (includes your music & music video) Featured Artist Banner Ad Included for 1 full week on One month New Music and Music Video Website Placement on Exclusive Artist Page designed and hosted on MP3Waxx Artist of the Week – Website Placement Featured Artist banner ad included with All major email blasts New Music news article created about your music and sent out to 843,000 contacts included with all major Music news Artist is provided with the Top 1000 MP3Waxx DJs contact info for DJ drops and personally networking one-on-one for your project Personally network to all DJ Coalitions owners to distribute music to all their DJ members MP3Waxx Website // New Music “Independent Spotlight” Placement for four weeks MP3Waxx Emails to Major Record Label Executives about new artist Artist Press Release Distribution to all major press outlets (press release to be provided by artist management) MP3Waxx New Artist Music Email Blast MP3Waxx New Artist Video Email Blast Artist Mixtape Placement for Download – 1 Week on (Optional; provided by artist) Submission to Top 50 Blog Sites Top 50 Music Forum Site submission Send artist music to all DJ Forum Sites Submission to Music Community Sites Personally Submit artist’s music to all Major Mixtape DJs Personally Email artist music Top 10 music websites. 10,000 Youtube video views (Guaranteed) 5,000 Facebook likes (Guaranteed) 30,000 Twitter followers (Guaranteed) What I got? SCAMMED! Part of their package was 30,000 twitter followers and 5,000 facebook likes. MY FACEBOOK AND TWITTER HAVE NEITHER! I noticed a small increase in traffic, but then realized all they were doing was sending fake followers through a 3rd party website, that got detected by twitter instantly, and those profiles were deleted. Putting my accounts at risk of suspension because you’re not suppose to engage in that type of activity (follower robots). So basically, if you think they don’t have their loose ends tied up with something as simple as FAKE PROFILE TRAFFIC, that they really are going to bat for you with music execs and DJ’s? HELL NO! They claim to be the 1 Industry website, and claim to have broke all these big songs. BULL! All the songs they claim to have broke were from famous artists, who had label budgets, and money for a radio campaign. I was skeptical at first about this site at all, but I was assured by my manager at the time that he used this site for another artist and it did wonders. Right. My money is probably on the floor at some Atlanta strip club right now. I have no artist page designed and hosted on Not that anyone would even see it if I did, but it was promised, I paid 5k, and it’s not there. Oh, and I got their top 1,000 mp3waxx DJ’s excel sheet. I also have the hundreds of rejected email replies from when I actually tried to use them LOL. FAKE DJ EMAILS!!! I CALLED HIM FURIOUS THAT NO ONE WAS DOING THEIR JOB, EVEN WITH THE SIMPLE THINGS, THE RESPONSE I GOT WAS “YOU OUT OF BOUNDS DAWG, I AINT FUCKIN’ WITCHU” And hung up. Called back next day, “Hello Mp3Waxx”..told him who i was in the first sentence and got hung up on again. IF YOU ARE RESEARCHING A COMPANY TO USE TO SERVICE YOUR RECORD, AND ARE READING THIS, HERE IS YOUR WARNING. DO NOT GIVE THIS FOOL CHRIS ROBINSON ANY MONEY. AND CHRIS, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, YOU KNOW EXACTLEY WHO I AM. I’LL TAKE A REFUND ANYDAY NOW. It recommends not leaving contact info in the body of this report, if you’d like to speak with me personally, I’d be glad to show you I am a real musician, In the music industry with credible placements and credible people that will back me up. This site is a joke. This clown Chris Robinson is a joke.

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