Mr. Gerando Arguello – Wells Fargo Bay Harbor Islands Florida


Complaint: I am writing to file a formal complaint against one Mr. Gerando Arguello. In an attempt to obtain information regarding a buyers approval interview for my client, I was told by Mr. Arguello that this was none of his business and that he has nothing to do with it. Mr. Arguello proceeded to explain that it is not his job to get involved with the buyers approval but rather this is the sole responsibility of Mr. Ricardo Estrazulas to obtain an approval for the buyer. Furthermore I was told not to call him again, after which I was abruptly hung up on. I feel that this in not only disrespectful but poor business practice. I do not feel that Mr. Arguello handled the situation in a proper manner and I feel that it is important to bring this behavior to your attention as it reflects negatively not only on Mr. Arguello, but on Wells Fargo as a whole.

Tags: Realtors

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