Mr Sandless Review


I had work done by this man Matt Gardinier doing business as Mr Sandless he destroyed my floor , my floors had the best shine ever he send to workers to my house they stood in my home telling me they never saw such beautifuk floors that they had doubts to even do the work they were deciding what would be the best cause they said they can tell by looking at my house that I am a person who takes pride in my home they told me that they didnt even relaly wanted to do the job but they called matt and he told them to do it so they did and they took all the shine away and left me a mess ,i only called them cause i had little scratch he talked me into cleaning them and he said my floors would have a better shine then what i already had, or the same , well let me tell you they are no bad the floors are dull and have white film they were destroyed , I had to have them redone and cost me 3,700 I went into court and he told the judge i was suing the wrong person cause I suied him and he said I had to take the summons in the company name Mr sandless he told the judge he is a lcc , and he is not he Is a liar i did my investigation he is not a corportaion nor a llc so now i have to go back into court and ask for it to go back on the calender and i hope when i prove him in court that he lied the book gets thrown at this man , him and his wife are nothing but liars and destroy people homes i hope he gets what he deserves and they put him out of business please peope beware dont use this man he take advantage pf poeple and he says we are ssammers , the only scammer is matt gardiner

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