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Complaint: My tranmission wore out on my car so my mother and I called around to find a mechanic that offered a nation wide warranty. We called a Mr. Transmission and talk to the owner/mechanic(Phil) and he sounded like a great guy he told my mom he would tow the car there have it looked at and give us an estimate all for free. This was me and my mom’s first time dealing with a major car repair so we were not expierienced in the words games mechanics play. We called back a couple days later and he told me to get my 1987 camary a rebuilt transmission (to factory standards) it would cost me $1800.00 including a 10% discount because I was a college student (a poor one at that) and that this would include a 6 month warranty. I called back and said i could not afford this repair at the time. Phil now informs me that the estimate would be $400.00 and would not be able to access my vehicle till the sum was paid. So I paniced my stereo was in the car along with some of my personal belongings. I was loaned the money to have my car fixed and told Phil to go ahead with the repairs he said it would take about 3-5 days to repair. I needed my car because i worked and had to be at school. It ended up taking almost 2 weeks to fix. My car also since the reapirs has had to be brought back to Mr. Transmission 3 times because the repairs are failing. The first day I recieved my car I was on my way to work and the heat gauges was operating like my an RPM gauge it shortly after starting shifting gears randomly and left me broken down on the interstate and walking to work. I brought it in and told it was a crossed wire. About aweek later i was seeing a good amount of tranmission fluid under my car so i broght it back again and was just told it was a small leak because a drainage bolt was not screwed in tight. My transmission to this day does not shift well and slams into gear each repair he makes takes longer than the last and is treated like an incovienience. I was told it would run like new because he was going to fix my tranmission to factory standards but it runs worse than befor it went out. I can not believe he needs to rip off already struggling college students to make money. Randall Tallahassee, Florida

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Address: 1910 south monroe tallahassee, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 850-224-7492

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