I noticed a charge on my account for $7.97 from MSFT 800MSBILL1 WA. I meant to call Chase bank, because it showed as a debit, and I didn’t recall that dollar amount for anything. By the time I remembered to call them a week or so later, there was another charge for $89.99, also a debit. I never use my card as a debit. The $89.99 almost fooled me because I thought it looked like an Xbox annual membership, but I buy those for my son with the Xbox points cards. I called Chase, and was searching the web at the same time and found this Rip-Off report with all the same characteristics of my issue. There are also plenty of other instances on the web not even listed in Rip-Off report. One new change is that the 800MSBILL1, which is 800-672-4551, had a vacation announcement on it when I called it the first time after the $7.97. That number is now disconnected just 14 or so days later. I told all my friends about this, so hopefully these jerks will stop, but they’ll figure out another way I am sure. But of course, my bank is not authorizing the charges and cancelled my card. Good luck everyone! Use cash.

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