Murphy Beds Review


In July, 2015, I purchased a CHEAP bedroom set at Wholesale Mica & Furniture Inc. in Hollywood, FL. That included a mattress, boxspring, bedframe, dresser, endtables and headboard. All are cheaply made. The headboard already went in the garbage! | I am sorry that I ever did business with these crooks! They warned me that the furniture was cheaply made, but it is much worse than I expected. | I am sorry that I have to write this report, but no one should have to be ripped off like this. These owners don’t care who they hurt or is it their delivery drivers too? | Wholesale Mica had every opportunity to fix this injustice, but they didn’t and got away with it. | The furniture was cheaply made with pressboard and formica. I accepted that until I saw what they were delivering to my apartment at that time. | In the future, I will buy something much better. That is not the worst of it. | About two weeks ago, I decided to lift up the mattress and boxspring to put them directly on the carpet. Quite honestly, I never looked at what was underneath the boxspring. | Because one of my pets went underneath the boxspring and tore the cheap black cloth covering over the boxspring, I found out that there are NO box springs at all! In fact, the whole thing is made of wood pieces and a large cardboard box stapled and used to fake what is suppposed to be a boxspring. This is by far, one of the worst rip offs and fraudulent sales that I have ever seen in anything I’ve ever bought. | Let me say this again. Underneath what is supposed to be a boxspring is cheap wood and a very large cardboard box! There are no boxsprings or anything that resembles it! | IF that isn’t bad enough, the mattress is very cheap and…there is NO mattress on both sides, only one side. The underneath part of the mattress is a thin sheet of cloth that has a rip right in the center of it like it was done deliberately. That covers something that may be pressed board or wood. I’m not sure. | After over a year and just finding out about the cheap bedding they sold me, there is no way that I will call them. They know exactly what they did to me. | IF I had known sooner, I would have told them and gave them one week to bring me a good mattress and boxspring. | PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE UNTIL YOU GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. WHEN THEY COME TO YOUR HOUSE to deliver the furniture or bed, please check out everything from top to bottom, so you don’t get ripped off and go through this.


  • Name: Murphy Beds
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Hollywood
  • Address: 2339 Hollywood Blvd
  • Phone: (954) 923-0734
  • Website:

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